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1. How do I setup Usernames for the COMET Football App? i.e. setup a Coach to use it.

Firstly, we recommend the person is setup as a Coach or Staff at your club. You can do this by following our how to guide here >

Once registered to the club as Coach/Staff, you can then Add a User account to that profile by clicking Options > Add User > then click SAVE. This will issue the person their logins to COMET by email. You should then go to your Club’s list of USERS and edit the person’s access to issue them with the role CLUB LINEUP MANAGER. This will then allow them to add the lineups and do match updates. See our guide on creating USERS here for more info >

2. How many Usernames can be setup for the Club? i.e. how many coaches can get access to COMET Football App

As many as you wish to have. Follow the same steps as above for each person who requires access.

3. What information is Mandatory for Competition’s

Lineups including Coaches/Staff and Kit’s are to be Completed as the minimum requirement. If clubs are comfortable with providing live match updates in game they have the ability to do so.

4. Who need’s to be added to the Match Card on the COMET Football App?

The app requires a minimum of at least 1 Coach/Headcoach etc. to be added to the Lineup. However, for your competition anyone who will be in the technical area including Substitutes need to be added to the lineup to ensure Officials can correctly report on Disciplinary proceedings.

Please ensure all Coaches/Staff/Physios are registered to your club by following the guide here >

5. If I accidentally set the game to In Progress/Half-time/Full-time how you can I revert this?

Go to the Match Info screen, and go to the Match Phases section. Tap on the time area which you incorrectly started/ended i.e. if you accidentally set the game to HT, tap on the 1st half END TIME (as shown below) then select Clear Value.

6. What happen’s if you are in an area where the Internet is poor and No access to Wi-Fi?

Clubs can use the COMET Football App without Internet connection. However the Data may not upload to FAI Connect until an internet connection is established. If the Referee has not received the CONFIRMED lineups because of poor connection prior to kick off, then we recommend the Coach shows the Referee their device with the lineup screen showing the CONFIRMED lineup.

7. Can you make changes to the Lineup after it has already been CONFIRMED?

Same principle applies here to even when the traditional paper match card is completed by a club and handed to the referee. The club can make a change prior to kick off by approaching the Referee who then manually fixes the match card. Only the Referee, Competition Admins or FAI Admins can make changes after the lineups are CONFIRMED on the Comet Football App. Best practice is the Referee EDITs the lineup prior to kick off.

8. Can a player be added to the lineup who is not PAID on FAI Connect i.e. still in the APPROVED status?

No, only players who are in the status CONFIRMED are registered and eligible for competitive matches. If a player is still in the APPROVED status they are still UNPAID and therefore not fully registered. The COMET Football App will only let you add CONFIRMED players to the lineup. Some Competitions have specific settings that only allow player’s who are ACTIVE in a Competition Roster to be added to a Lineup etc.

9. Do we have to complete both COMET Football App and a traditional Paper Match card?

The Competition Organiser will advise if the COMET Football App should only be used. In the event of technical emergency a traditional match card can be used if provided by the Referee.

10. How do we create our kit colours for the App?

This should be done in advance of your game once Kit colours are arranged with the Opposition. Go to My Club and Team Kits and ADD the necessary kit colours for your team.

Please see the online guide here on how to do this >