ITC/FIFA Minor Applications – How to Guides

How to Register player's who require International Clearance


Who needs an International Transfer Certificate [ITC] Process?

All players (adults/minors) coming from abroad will be processed in the International Transfer section. All foreign national and Irish players coming from abroad need to be saved as Submitted (INT).

For more information on International Transfers please see the following guide from FIFA –  FIFA International Player Transfer Guide

Who needs an ITC [Adults]?

Players signed/registered within last 30 months with club abroad will require an ITC. Players who have not signed/played in last 30 months abroad do not require an ITC. State if the player has played amateur or professionally at previous club.

Players coming from USA college scholarships do not require ITC.

ITC applications can only be processed during the transfer windows (SUMMER and WINTER).

Who needs an ITC [Minors]?

  • “The parents of the player moved for reasons not linked to football”
  • “The player is moving for humanitarian reasons with his/her parents”
  • “The player is an exchange student undertaking an academic programme abroad”
  • “Player is registering for the first time and has lived continuously for the last five years in the country of intended registration prior to this request”
  • Both player and club are within 50km of their common border and the distance between the two is less than 100km”

State if minor players previous club were signed to a club abroad. Minor applications can be processed during any open registration period

Ukrainian minors have an exemption on transferring (only Passport/Birth Cert and Signed registration form required)

Players under the age of 10 are exempt from requiring clearance (only Passport/Birth Cert and Signed registration form required)