Player Registration FAQs

Regarding Player Registration on FAI Connect, does the league approve registrations and give an eligibility date?

No. The FAI Confirms the registration to the club. The League changes the player to STATUS ACTIVE in a competition.

Where can I find my team lists migrated from FAInet? (Team’s Registered to Leagues)

All 22/23 Winter season leagues lists were migrated to FAI Connect and can be found in Competitions > My Competitions. to navigate to your team lists in each league, please follow the guide here > Migrated Player Lists from FAInet

When a player is registered on FAI Connect, how often does the player profile photo have to be updated?

It would be recommended to update profile images every 2-3 years. Clubs can update profile images for club members at any time via the person profile. A clear and good quality passport style photograph of the Player (including Futsal players), Coach, Official, Staff Member or Match Official must be uploaded during the registration. It will be the Clubs and/or League and/or Affiliated Associations or the Match Official’s (if applicable) responsibility to ensure that the photograph of the person is cropped on the system, maintained, and kept up to date throughout the period of registration.

Will all current details be migrated across to FAI Connect from the previous FMS?

Yes. All details will be merged across from the previous FMS on December 19th 2022.

Will photos be migrated from the previous system to FAI Connect?

Yes. All profile photos will be merged from the previous system to FAI Connect.

Is there a deadline date for uploading a photo on FAI Connect?

No, however, first registrations and transfers (Of profiles who migrated without a photo) on FAI Connect will require a photo id immediately when making the application, along with player profile photo and signed registration form.

What are the charges with regards to FAI Connect for the leagues?

There are no charges for the leagues with regards to FAI Connect. The clubs will be charged a levy of €2 for 8 to 16 years old’s and €3 for players aged 17 and above from the date of billing.

Can the registration form be digitally signed on FAI Connect?

Yes. E-signatures are acceptable.

If clubs have a player search who do they go to? Their own League or FAI?

Clubs can contact faiconnect@fai.ie

Can leagues have and use their own backup system?

Yes. However, all registrations must be processed through FAI Connect.

Can player also show if he/she plays for LEAGUE ETP and FAI ETP?

Yes. We can add ETP to the players history or add a retrospective registration type.

As the FAI will be responsible for processing and approving the player registrations on FAI Connect, does this mean that the leagues will no longer have any input when it comes to player registration?

There are two types of registration. Registration to the club and registration to the competition. Applications will be centrally processed by FAI. This means that once players are confirmed with clubs, they will remain confirmed with the club until they set to STATUS TERMINATED by the club. In relation to the registration to a league the clubs will create rosters for each individual team, therefore once clubs are allocating rosters to respective leagues, league registrars will then make players active/inactive within the League Competitions. There is no need for a registration form prior to each season.

What criteria will eligibility be based on in relation to returning players and will FAI Connect use a similar type of “batch form” re-registration system?

There will be no need to re-registration each season for players who will remain with the same club. A player must be assigned to a roster for the new competition, where a league registrar can then make active. The player’s eligibility can be restricted based off the competitions they are assigned to. Dual registration may still occur where a club may assign a player to different squads across multiple leagues, pending league rules. *This is the leagues responsibility to track the players eligibility*

Can clubs make players active/inactive in the roster on FAI Connect?

No. Only a league can change the status of a player within the competition roster. A club, however, can TERMINATE a player from their club and in doing so will show as TERMINATED in the roster. This does not change the players status within the competition.

Do league administrators have filter options to view lists of players registered to a specific club or specific age group within a competition?


Can you add players to multiple teams/age groups on FAI Connect?

Yes. You can add players to multiple rosters (squads).

Can registrations be backdated if people use post and have postmark to prove registration was done in time on FAI Connect?

No. The registration process is completely online, showing digital date and time stamp.

Is the migration for new players added to FAI Connect?

Players that are assigned into eligibility lists on the previous FMS (2022 Calendar Season, 22/23 Standard Season, and any new players for 2023 season) will be migrated across to FAI Connect in the status CONFIRMED. Players who are not assigned into an eligibility list on the previous FMS will be migrated to FAI Connect without a club (TERMINATED). 2022 Calendar Season players who were migrated across on the system and have not had any further registration activity on the system since 1st December 2022, will be “TERMINATED” by the FAI (with a retrospective termination date of 30th November applying) if the player has an application to join a new club beyond the 22nd February 2023 (Re-Registration of Player).

If a player is playing non-competitive football and not assigned to a squad on the previous system will they be migrated to FAI Connect?

No, only players assigned to a squad on the previous FMS, will migrate as STATUS CONFIRMED on FAI Connect. Non-Competitive Players can be assigned into an eligibility list at U12 age group on previous FMS with the list named “CLUB NAME – Non-Competitive Players” – this way the players will migrate over as CONFIRMED also.

Should a club still assign players to a squad who haven’t played for a prolonged period of time?

We suggest that these players are status TERMINATED. They will remain in the system just not assigned to your club.

Some leagues do not give an eligibility date, but all players are registered to a team. Will they still transfer to FAI connect?

Once the players were assigned to squads on the previous FMS, they will migrate to FAI Connect as “Confirmed”, regardless of the eligibility date given by the league. If a player has an eligibility date prior to the migration, they will be ACTIVE in the Roster on FAI Connect. If a player has no eligibility date prior to the migration, they will be ENTERED in the Roster on FAI Connect.

Going forward do we register all players of all age groups from U6s upwards?

The club can register players at any time, all player profiles will migrate across to FAI Connect. When a club registers the players (U7, U8, U9 etc) is entirely up to them, however it may be a league requirement to have players registered at specific age groups going forward in relation to Competition Management. Our advice would be to register players as young as possible, as this will reduce the workload over the long term and reduce the risk of duplication.

What’s the timeline for registrations on FAI Connect?

An application for registration of any Player must be Submitted to the Association via FAI CONNECT by no later than 12pm on the last Business Day prior to the match in which they wish to participate.

What is the role of the league in the player registration process on FAI Connect?

When the club adds players to the roster within the league competition(s), the league will then make the players ACTIVE so they can be selected on the team sheet on match day.

Coach Registration FAQs

Do all coaches have to register on FAI Connect?

Yes. All coaches must register on FAI Connect. The process is the same as player registration. There is no charge for coaches on FAI Connect.

Whose responsibility is it to upload coaches Garda Vetting to FAI Connect?

All data will be migrated from the previous FMS to FAI Connect. Volunteers will create their own MY COMET account and update their own Garda Vetting details through this platform. The club will register the volunteer to the club on FAI Connect so they can track the volunteers Garda Vetting.

What is the advice for a new member coming into a club in relation to Garda Vetting?

Each club may have their own procedures in relation to recruiting new members. However, once a person registers for Garda Vetting, they will create a My Comet account within the course application, and they will receive a Comet ID reference number. All activity of the ID number via the My Comet & FAI Connect will be kept within the profile of the person. All licence and event types completed by the person will be visible in the addition tab of the person, which will include the status of each licence or event, the beginning date, and the expiry date.

Re-Registrations & Transfers FAQs

What is the difference between a re-registration and a transfer?

Nothing. A transfer between 2 clubs on FAI Connect will be referred to as a “re-registration” going forward, as per updated FAI Handbook. Learn more in the FAI handbook.

In relation to a transfer form, some leagues have a charge of €25. Is that to be included or abolished?

The re-registration (transfer) process within FAI Connect does not include a transfer fee as per updated FAI Handbook. Learn more in the FAI handbook.

Can leagues be included on all emails with regards to re-registrations (transfers) on FAI Connect?

No. But league will be notified when the player has been added to a roster by a club.

Can the club backdate a registration/re-registration on FAI Connect?

No. The registration process is completely online, showing digital date and time stamp.

With regards to re-registrations (transfers) on FAI Connect can an individual email have to be used or can a club email be used?

Yes. The individual email must be used. This is so no key information is missed or directed to the wrong contact.

Is there a notification to the releasing club and releasing player on FAI Connect?

Yes. All relevant parties will receive an automated mail regarding all information specific to the application.

On FAI Connect, is a player free to sign for another club at the end of each season?

The club will need to change the player to status TERMINATED if they are not staying with the club. For more details, please see the FAI Handbook section 6 regulation 2.4. Learn more in the FAI handbook.

What if one of the clubs will not release the player for re-registration (transfer)? What can be done?

The FAI will have the ability to step in if the re-registration (transfer) process is not being processed by the club (s). Please refer to FAI Handbook annex 1 regulation 8.6.4, Learn more in the FAI handbook.

Competition Management FAQs

Is Competition Management mandatory for all leagues?

No, the full competition management module is optional for leagues (fixtures, results, standings etc.) However, Roster Management is mandatory for the Registration of Player’s & Coaches to the Competition as per FAI Connect Regulations Annex 1 of FAI Handbook – Regulation 6 – Registration. Learn more in the FAI handbook.

If leagues do not use Competition Management can they track suspensions on FAI Connect?

For suspensions to be tracked in FAI Connect Competition Management must be used.

Will a printed team sheet be required on matchday?

No. Everything can be online using the app or desktop site versions of FAI Connect, added by the clubs, and approved by the match Referee. However, printed match cards can be used at the discretion of the league(s) involved.

On FAI Connect, will Competition Management be used for National Cups and FAI Cups?

Yes. FAI Connect can bring on all National Cup competitions.

Will a club be able to see fixtures on FAI Connect?

Yes. Fixtures could be created on FAI Connect by the league through Competition Management, which clubs would have access and visibility to. Fixture publishing can me restricted by league managers.

Can a club use FAI Connect Competition Management if the league isn’t onboard with it?

No. The league will need to be using competition management in order for a club to use the full capabilities. There may be National/Regional Competitions in which clubs can use the Competition Management Features.

Are all referees committed to using FAI Connect Competition Management?

Only leagues who have officially committed to competition management would have their allocated referees using the system. Referees may experience using the competition management features through National competitions.

Is there an official time before kick-off for team sheets to be submitted to the match officials?

This would be a league-by-league basis. Leagues could have separate guidelines with regards to team sheets.

Is there a place to enter a match report for the league to see on match day on FAI Connect?

Yes. This can be entered in the match day section. There is a number of automated and manual processes to enter match reports.

Within Competition Management on FAI Connect can you remove a team from a league once the competition has started?

Yes. This is a straightforward process but may affect the scheduling if the competition has commenced.

Roster Management FAQs

When a player is added to a roster on FAI Connect must squad numbers be used, or can we use different numbers game by game?

No, this is a straightforward process. You can allocate squad numbers at the beginning of competitions as a mandatory requirement or submit game by game via desktop of Comet Football app.

Is it possible through FAI Connect Roster Management to see what league the player is registered to?

Yes. Roster management is for selecting players for a squad for a competition or on match day. The individual player profile will display any leagues the player is assigned to. In addition to this within the roster the club/league can click on the players competitions and see all leagues that the player is registered to over a certain period.

Is there a max number for players to be added to squads (roster) on FAI Connect?

This is defined by the league as per their competition rules. Squads can be restricted by a capped number or left open.

Can you remove players from your team on FAI Connect?

Yes. You can only remove players from that squad’s roster who are in the status ENTERED.

ITC & FIFA Minor Applications FAQs

Where can I find more information on International Transfers?

Please see the latest guide from FIFA for step by step insight into the process behind an international transfer FIFA GUIDE ON INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS

Who needs an ITC [Minors]?
  • “The parents of the player moved for reasons not linked to football”
  • “The player is moving for humanitarian reasons with his/her parents”
  • “The player is an exchange student undertaking an academic programme abroad”
  • “Player is registering for the first time and has lived continuously for the last five years in the country of intended registration prior to this request”
  • Both player and club are within 50km of their common border and the distance between the two is less than 100km”

State if minor players previous club were signed to a club abroad. Minor applications can be processed during any open registration period

Ukrainian minors have an exemption on transferring (only Passport/Birth Cert and Signed registration form required)

Players under the age of 10 are exempt from requiring clearance (only Passport/Birth Cert and Signed registration form required)

Who needs an ITC [Adults]?

Players signed/registered within last 30 months with club abroad will require an ITC. Players who have not signed/played in last 30 months abroad do not require an ITC. State if the player has played amateur or professionally at previous club.

Players coming from USA college scholarships do not require ITC.

ITC applications can only be processed during the transfer windows (SUMMER and WINTER).


Who needs an International Transfer Certificate [ITC] Process?

All players (adults/minors) coming from abroad will be processed in the International Transfer section. All foreign national and Irish players coming from abroad need to be saved as Submitted (INT).

Does FAI Connect recognise Northern Irish players?

Yes. The system recognises all nationalities. When setting up a user profile this is a mandatory field.

If I input a player’s name and DOB will the system show me that that the player currently is registered with an IFA affiliated club?

No. The player will not show unless he/she was previously registered within an FAI football management system. In this instance the club creates a new first issue registration (INT), once the ITC/FIFA Minor application has been approved the FAI Connect staff can then process the application and create a retrospective registration for the previous club’s details.

Will FAI Connect provide any help for an ITC application as Comet is also used by the IFA?

No. Similar to the previous FMS system specific documents will be required based on a need for an ITC/FIFA Minor Application. The club can upload the mandatory documents as required into FAI Connect with the registration/application. For further information regarding ITC/FIFA Minor applications please contact fran.gavin@fai.ie or david.doyle@fai.ie.


Why do you require a photograph of a player for the purposes of registration?

It is important to ensure that the person being registered is verifiable and eligible to play as a registered player. This is important for the integrity of competition. The upload of a photo ID is also something that is required by FIFA for the purposes of International Transfers. Clubs should ensure that any collection of player photographs from members is done in a secure way and in accordance with data protection legislation requirements.

Is FAI Connect a secure place to store data?

Yes. FAI Connect is a secure from a technical perspective with appropriate encryption measures which maintain the highest standards, all protected using ISO27001 and ISO22301. There is a strict authorised user hierarchy implemented as part of the software design. It is a system that is used by c.45 Football Associations worldwide (and 25 in Europe).

Where can I find out more information on how personal data is stored and used on FAI Connect?
Are Personal Identity documents required to be provided to be registered on FAI Connect?

Yes, an identity document of the player (such as passport, birth certificate or other form or ID with name. date of birth and photograph) will be required to be uploaded on to FAI Connect. This is to verify age, gender and identity of players to protect the integrity of competition and other reasons such as player safety and having accurate data on the system. Each administrator must take all necessary steps to delete all documentation from their own device/application once it has been uploaded on to FAI Connect.

With regards to GDPR on FAI Connect. How does this work for children in care who have a media ban?

The players profile can only be viewed by the club administrator, league administrator and the FAI who have appropriate security permissions. The players profile photo is defaulted to be publicly hidden. Other details of the profile such as name/age can also be hidden.

Does an underage player have to supply an email address for an FAI Connect Registration?

The system will recognise if the date of birth is that of a minor. Then the parent/guardian email will automatically default to be the primary contact information required.

Is parent verification enough to sign a registration form on FAI Connect if the player does not have ID?

No. FAI Connect will require both a parent/guardian signature on the form and ID document that can confirm name and date of birth.

Is there a place to upload the GDPR policy on FAI Connect?

Yes. There are several specific club areas where documents, such as the clubs privacy notice, can be uploaded on FAI Connect.


Can FAI Connect be linked to a league website?

Yes. A club or League can link their website from FAI Connect.

How to Apply for Garda Vetting on FAI Connect?

Please refer to our video that will guide you through garda vetting and all things safeguarding related:


Will there be a notification sent with regards to an expiring Garda Vetting licence on FAI Connect?

Yes. A notification will be sent to the club and the person.

Are all coaching licences shown on the FAI Connect profile?

Yes. All licences will be visible to the club admins.

Back log in GV what can be done?

Email childwelfare@fai.ie

Is there a facility for the parent to change the email address on FAI Connect?

The selected club user will have access to the player details. They will make changes to a profile as needed.

Is there a restriction to the amount of access given for logins for club admins on FAI Connect?

No. This will be at the discretion of the club. The club will select their own FAI Connect users.